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  • Protects your feet from hot sand on the beach and helps reduce the risk of slipping on wet and slippery floors thanks to its firm-grip soles.
  • Light, flexible and comfortable.
  • Easy to wear and take off like a sock.
  • Breathable fabric that dries quickly.
  • Can be used while swimming in the pool or in the sea.
  • Do not store wet in a plastic bag
  • Dry flat in shade, do not hang in direct sunlight
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not iron

Description: Slipstop is a great pool & beach shoe that will decrease the risk of slipping on wet grounds. Furthermore, Slipstop also protects your children's feet from super-heated sand. Multi-purpose: can be used in a variety of places and occasions indoors and outdoors such as pool, sea, beach, boat, surf board, kindergarten, playground, gym, pilates & yoga, home, bathroom.

Usage Instructions: Ensure that it is purified from sand, sunscreen and all other cosmetics Do not use washing machine, tumble dry, hot water, detergent and bleachers Harsh chemicals especially excessive amount of chlorine used in pools may damage the product (weakens the elastic fabric causing deterioration and colour fading) Make sure that the product is rinsed well under water to minimize the effects. Prints which came out of an industrial process and fluorescent colours may fade faster because of direct sunlight, chlorine and salt water. Depending on the usage and friction, contact with rough, bumpy surfaces, sand, rocks and sharp objects may damage the wowen fabric and/or the filament and create tears in the soles of the shoe.

Slipstop Sizes:

(INF) Infant 18-20 EURO Size

(XS) Xsmall 21-23 EURO Size

(S) Small 24-26 EURO Size

(M) Medium 27-29 EURO Size

(L) Large 30-32 EURO Size

(XL) Xlarge 33-35 EURO Size.