Micro Trike Deluxe

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Micro Trike Deluxe Pink (Seatbelt)
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1 year+
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Rs 3,299.00

The brand new Micro Trike Deluxe now available in adorable anodized colors, with a seatbelt to secure your child. The seatbelt can be taken off if not used.

The Micro Trike makes tiresome pushing of the kiddies buggy along the aisles a thing of the past, because this shopping companion is foldable, making it extremely compact. Have you got some heavy-duty shopping to do ? No problem, Micro Trike is adaptable and can be simply hung on the shopping trolley or packed away on a rucksack. And not only mummy and daddy are delighted by the new shopping assistant. The kids will also enjoy the fun of a ride through the shops or the city.

Weight 1-2 kg.

Max. load 20 kg.

Foldable: Yes.